December 18, 2005

On the subject of animated movies

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Watched “ Madagascar” recently on DVD and could not shake the feeling “been there, done that, boring, boring, boring!” Am I getting older or these movies are getting more and more predictable? In their stupidity as well – how about a lion fighting his carnivorous hunger, so that he does not eat his zebra friend (?!…). I’ll be writing a review on this one for sure, just wanted to vent a little! The story did not seem so bad when given in bits and pieces by the ads and trailers – pampered animals from the New York Zoo through Marty the Zebra’s drive for freedom and machinations of the naughty commando-type penguins (?!), also looking for a way out of the Zoo, end up on the coast of Madagascar, the Lemur Kingdom. The Lemurs seem to be strangely familiar with New York sports teams vocabulary, by the way – really stroke me as odd and rather annoying at times – not everyone is a New Yorker after all! In a couple of days, after almost becoming the food for hyenas they finally realize that they are not cut out for living in wilderness (with the notable exception of Melman the Giraffe, who was whining about that all along). The sight of their ship ramming into the shore brings them a hysterical joy – little do they know that the ship is not going anywhere, because the penguins were at the helm – which also brings a question of whatever has happened to that guy last seen gagged and bound on the ship? The story is devoid of any signs of any logic, however absurd, and seems like it consists of bits and pieces you’ve already seen somewhere. Same deja-vu happened to me while watching the “Robots” – I kept thinking “could they come up with something new for a change?!” The appearance of the characters is different, but the situations and general story line are taken from very few standard variations. I think the last movie, where the story seemed somewhat innovative was “Shrek 2”, though come to think of that “Shrek 2” story really consists of a string of very well known fairy tales, only very creatively twisted with a rather satirical slant. Maybe I should stop watching the animated movies for a while?…

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