October 18, 2005

Oct. 18 in the movie history

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Oct. 18 is a birthday of :

My favourite TV actor Peter Boyle (1935). He had a relatively successful movie career since 1970 (though he played supporting roles practically in every movie he’s made). However, he’s more known and loved now for his work on TV. He played a role of a old grudgy psychic, who sees how people die, and for his talent is enlisted by Mulder to provide an insight into their investigation of a maniac, killing psychics and palm readers all over town. This role brought Peter Boyle an “Emmy” award. However, he is probably more known to the audiences now as Frank Barone, the father of Ray Barone, the main character of the hit TV show “Everybody loves Raymond”-an oddball, but likeable and funny character. Their duet with Doris Roberts (Frank’s wife, Marie) is one of the biggest attractions of the show.

Howard Shore, the film music composer, who wrote music to many famous films, including “Philadelphia”, “Silence of Lambs”, “Seven” and many others, but his real fame (and two “Oscars”) came to him after “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Hi wonderful music has enormously enriched the action and emotional atmosphere of the trilogy.

Jean-Claude Van Damme (1960), a Belgian-born Hollywood actor mostly known for his martial arts skills, which landed him the roles in the popular action movies of the 90s like “Universal Soldier”, “Time Cop” and “Nowhere to Run”. He’s never been a megastar and his acting skills are somewhat dubious, but his karate skills and attractive physique played out well in the best of his films, creating a moderate following of fans.

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