October 13, 2005

Oct. 13 in the movie history

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Oct. 13 is a birthday of the great French (born in Italy) singer and actor Yves Montand, whose biggest career was on stage as one of the greatest crooners in French chanson, yet he carved himself a name in the movie history as well. The movie, which made Montand a star, was called “La Salaires de la Peur” (“Wages of Fear”). Made by a famous French director Henri-Geroge Clouzot, it was a story about desperate fugitives in some Latin American country, who are hired to transport an explosive in several trucks over a very dangerous road. The movie was an instant success due to masterful drama, tension and actors playing the lead roles. Montand had made over 25 films during his career, two of which (“Garcon!” and “I comme Icar”) brought him a highest award in the French cinema – the Cesar.

Being a huge X-Files fan I can’t miss the fact that today is also a birthday for the X-Files creator and producer, Chris Carter. One of the best sci-fi shows in the TV history about two FBI agents, searching for clues in the unexplained cases had brought a worldwide fame and recognition to previously unknown TV producer. The success of the X-Files had allowed Carter to produce another successful show, “Millenium”, as well as 2 rather short-lived TV-series “Harsh Realm” and “Lone Gunmen” (“The X-Files” spin-off). There were rumours about another X-Files movie, but not confirmation of them being true, at least not yet…

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