As Promised, He Is Number Four

I went into I Am Number Four already knowing about the snaffu with the authors of the book that the film is based on. Essentially, one of the authors is infamous for having written a memoir about his sordid past, only to have been revealed as a fake. He apologized on Oprah but then publicly stated that he wished he hadn’t. The man is also running some sort of “writing factory” where he pays his co-authors next to nothing. Anyway, I’m sure you can google this mess and get a greater understanding, should you wish to.

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On Channing Tatum’s Hair and Tribal Tattoos…

If I was told to make a snap judgment about this movie by someone wanting to know if they should watch it, I would say, YES. Definitely yes. There are several reasons for this, none of which involve any fan girl swooning over Channing Tatum, who just happens to be the main character of the film.

Let’s take a look at the plot, shall we? The Eagle takes place during the time of the Roman empire. The film is so named after the eagle symbol of the 9th, a doomed Roman legion that became lost in northern Britain. Channing Tatum feels this loss more than most as Marcus, yada yada, Roman Nameicus. His father was the centurion of the 9th, that is to say, his father was the leader of the lost legion, which has left the family without honor.

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Soon to Come…

Hello everyone! This week I will be reviewing The Eagle, but the more exciting news would, of course, be coming next week. Not only will I be reviewing Unknown (LIAM!!!!), but I will also talk about the Academy Awards which are on this Sunday. Be sure to check out the site in the coming days. … Read more

The Mechanic, Statham’s Latest Venture…

One of these days you might find yourself in need of a mechanic and calling one of these guys would probably not be the best idea because “a mechanic” in this film’s world is a euphemism for an assassin. The movie starts with one of Jason Statham’s hits. In some Latin American country some drug lord needs to be offed and Statham’s the man to do it. He secretly drowns the man in a pool while he was going for a swim. One question that arises is why a drug lord would have a pool filled with such dark water that a man wearing all black can hid in it (perhaps after all the money spent on the drug operations and the mansion he couldn’t afford the chemicals for the pool?). This particular assassination is very reminiscent of the one Nicolas Cage executed (Ha! Get it? “Executed”? And you know, death and stuff? Anyway…) in his less than stellar Bangkok Dangerous.

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