November 21, 2007

Under the Tuscan Sun

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1175.jpgUnder the Tuscan Sun is a delightful movie about a writer who tries to find happiness again when she goes through a painfull divorce. Starring Diane Lane, Sandra Oh, and other wonderful actors, this movie is a good story about how the heart can heal and happiness can be found again. This film is based very loosely on the book Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes. In the movie, Frances goes on a tour of Tuscany when …her friend gets pregnant and can’t go. At first reluctant to go, Frances decides that the tour might help to inspire her to write. On a whim she decides to buy a Tuscan villa and she meets many characters while trying to remodel her new home, cook good food, get to know her neighbors, learn Italian, and find love.

The background music was good as were the performances by the actors. As the film ends you can feel a tingling of happiness and hope and might get inspired to write yourself. Overall this is a good movie and a must see for the dramatic movie fans in search of a light but thought provoking film. I personally liked movie, it wasn’t so dramatic that the average person can’t handle it but it is also not something that is completely shallow.

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