September 24, 2008

The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela – Trailer

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  The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela – Trailer
Raquela is a “ladyboy” – from the Philippines who dreams of escaping the streets of Cebu City for a fairy tale life in Paris. In order to make her dreams come true, she turns from prostitution toward the more lucrative business of Internet porn. Her success as a porn star brings new friends, including Valerie, a ladyboy in Iceland, and Michael, the owner of the website Raquela works for. Valerie helps Raquela get as far as Iceland. From there, Michael offers her a rendezvous in Paris. Will Paris be everything she dreamed of? And will Michael turn out to be her Prince Charming?
Directed by: Olaf de Fleur Johanesson
Starring: Raquela Rios, Stefan C. Schaefer, Olivia Gaudio, Brax Villa, Valerie Grand Einarsson

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