Oct 10 in the movie history

Oct.10 is a birthday for:

Helen Hayes, a star of the 1932 movie adaptation of the famous novel of Ermest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms. Her co-star in the movie was young Gary Cooper. Helen Hayes went on to enjoy a very successful career in the theater and in Hollywood, which spanned 70 years and brought her a full collection of all awards in the entertainment world.

Charles Dance, the British actor well-known mostly for his theatrical Shakespearean roles, who also had made several movies from his 1981 film debut with a small role in For Your Eyes Only, though I remember him much better from his role of a sinister one-eyed killer in a 1993 Hollywood parody Last Action Hero.

Guiseppe Verdi – a great Italian composer, born in 1813, whose wonderful operas

Oct.9 in movie history

Oct. 9 is relatively uneventful – a couple of birthdays, including:

Scott Bakula, the TV actor most famous for his TV series Quantum Leap and Star Trek: Enterprise (though I’ve liked him a lot in a movie The Lord of Illusions – quite a chilling thriller/horror movie)

Tony Shalhoub, most notable in his role of Jeebs, the alien who can grow his head again and again the MIB I and II, as well a few other ones, where he did not catch my attention as much as in these two. I hear he’s big on TV right now, the series called The Monk – never seen it myself

One history fact caught my attention – in the year 1000 on Oct.9 the viking Leif Ericsson discovers Vinland, therefore discovering North America (which was almost 500 years later successfully re-discovered by Christopher Columbus). This event was not portrayed in the movies that much, but it was an inspiration for an absolutely wonderful

Oct. 8 in movie history

Oct 8 is a good day for the cinema lovers – it s a birthday of

Sigourney Weaver ( remember “The Alien (s)”?), Chevy Chase and Stephanie Zimbalist. Sigourney Weaver was really more interesting to me not in the “Alien” movies, but in a couple of very good, but not very often remembered nowadays films – ” A Year of Living Dangerously” (with a very young Mel Gibson in a leading male role) and “The Copycat”, a chilling thriller where Sigourney Weaver was at her very best playing a victim of a maniac,