Oct 20 in the movie history

Oct 20 is a birthday of:

Viggo Mortensen, an actor, who had a rather long history of supporting roles in the movies of famous directors like Peter Weir, Tony and Ridley Scott, Jane Campion – and was a relatively well-known name in the movies, until he’s been chosen for the role of

Oct. 18 in the movie history

Oct. 18 is a birthday of :

My favourite TV actor Peter Boyle (1935). He had a relatively successful movie career since 1970 (though he played supporting roles practically in every movie he’s made). However, he’s more

Oct. 15 in the movie history

Oct. 15, 1940 first release of a great political satire film, The Great Dictator, – directed and played by the greatest movie comedian of all times, Charlie Chaplin. The movie presented the first and on of the rarest in its ruthlessness political satire on a dictatorship,

Oct. 13 in the movie history

Oct. 13 is a birthday of the great French (born in Italy) singer and actor Yves Montand, whose biggest career was on stage as one of the greatest crooners in French chanson, yet he carved himself a name in the movie history as well. The movie, which made Montand a star, was

My review of the movie “Houseboat” on Amazon.com

The Houseboat is a very romantic, light-hearted movie. It is a little gem with Cary Grant playing his usual role of a debonaire bachelor with a little twist – this time he’s a widower, a single father of three young children who suddenly decides that the children have to live with him. Suffice it to say that he’s had very little previous experience raising his kids – and it shows!

Another improbable twist – enter the rebellious daughter of an Italian music conductor as a nanny (a very young and very exotic Sophia Loren) – and the fun begins.