Oct. 8 in movie history

Oct 8 is a good day for the cinema lovers – it s a birthday of

Sigourney Weaver ( remember “The Alien (s)”?), Chevy Chase and Stephanie Zimbalist. Sigourney Weaver was really more interesting to me not in the “Alien” movies, but in a couple of very good, but not very often remembered nowadays films – ” A Year of Living Dangerously” (with a very young Mel Gibson in a leading male role) and “The Copycat”, a chilling thriller where Sigourney Weaver was at her very best playing a victim of a maniac, who has to overcome all her phobias and fears in order to win a deadly game with this maniac’s copycat. She was brilliant. There is many more movies in Ms Weaver’s bio, but those two are the most vivid in my mind.

Stephanie Zimablist has significantly risen in my eyes after the Season 1 of “Remington Steele” came out on DVD and I had a first chance to see all the episodes in the right sequence and progression. I was quite taken by Ms. Zimbalist’s fresh and very natural way of acting, her manners, very reminiscent of the 60s, and I can’t wait for Season 2 ( of course, the young Pierce Brosnan is quite a treat in these series as well!).

And, finally, Chevy Chase is the man of a fine comic talent, famous for his extremely funny movies like Foul Play, Three Amigos and, of course, – Caddyshack! (Need I say more?! – well, I should probably mention that his work on TV certainly added to this fame – at least, some of his shows…) You can always find more information on the www.imdb.com :icon_biggrin: