November 4, 2005

Nov.4 in the movie history

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Nov.4 is a birthday of Doris Roberts, the actress widely known for her roles in TV series, particularly those of Mildred Krebs in “Remington Steele” (from the second season in 1983) and Marie Barone in “Everybody Loves Raymond”(1996-2005). Both roles brought her “Emmy” awards nominations, but only the last one was actually given the award – three times. The formidable Ms Krebs is probably my favorite of the two, simply because I believe the character was more diversified due to wider variety of the situations Ms Krebs kept finding herself in, where her no-nonsense, take-charge attitude and quick wit was her salvation (and a great help to the other two protagonists, Steele and Laura). Who can forget her mighty entrance in the very first episode of the “Remington Steele” Season 2, where she charged into Steele’s office through the throngs of would –be-secretaries and took him to task over the lack of his tax return documents? Her hairdo is quite unforgettable too, by the way – kudos to the hair stylist who had come up with it! The plump, aging, rather plain-faced Mildred through Doris Roberts acting is really becoming a diamond in the rough, a very valuable asset to the small detective agency. She is often quite funny too, which trait developed even more in the “Everybody Loves Raymond” series, where she plays a loving Italian mother of 2 very grown up sons( which she does not always seem to realize ). Her pairing with Peter Boyle was a real stroke of genius, these two are unbelievably funny together!

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