March 14, 2006

My trip to Hollywood, Part 4

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When the tour has ended I went to explore the lower part of the park. Unfortunately, it was already rather late in the afternoon, so I really did not have enough time to visit all the attractions there, like the studios where they demonstrate the work on the film audio material. I did go for a Jurassic Park ride, though, and have a minted penny with the slogan “I’ve survived the Jurassic Park ride” to show for it! The ride starts rather uneventfully, you get into the boats riding on the rails, and the only thing that really should have clued me in from the start was that the attendant insisted we take off our hats…

I have found the advice quite useful just a bit later, when the speed of the boat was increasingly higher and the wind was whistling in my ears! At the beginning you get to see only peaceful dinosaurs and it’s pretty cool too, but the real fun starts when the ride enters through the gate into the complex where the huge scary Tyrannosauruses Rex roam free and try to get through the ceiling to the rather agitated public in the boat… Br-r-r-r! At the end the boat is going on sort of a roller coaster and I am not too good with this sort of things, so when I’ve looked at my photo taken right at that moment it was scary in itself and I’ve decided not to spend my money on it, let it scare someone else! Unfortunately, I could not make my own photos inside –first, because I was hanging to the bar in the boat for my dear life and secondly, there was really too dark for that anyway. Great memories, though!

That was the end of my visit to Universal Studios. On my way back to L.A. the freeway took me close to

Hollywood Boulevard

and I could not miss the chance to set my foot on it again, but this will be my next story.

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