March 9, 2006

My trip to Hollywood Part 1

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On Feb. 12 I’ve finally visited the Universal Studios in Hollywood, a long planned trip I really wanted to do in 1993, when I was in California the first time, but the tight schedule of that trip did not allow for it. Having visited the Universal Studios park now I realize that I would not have been able to see a lot of cool attractions in 1993 – like Terminator 2 3D experience and Shrek 4D, simply because they were not made yet. “ Jurassic Park” was also just released in 1993, so it would not be yet included in the park – I wonder what did they have there at that time? The park was probably twice smaller than now!

It was impossible to visit all attractions, there were just too many, so I concentrated on the ones made after my favorite movies. The first one I stumbled upon was a walk through Dracula’s castle (from the movie “Van Helsing”) – scary experience! You are walking through the dark halls, Dracula’s children and other horrible looking creatures are jumping at you from everywhere and there is no turning back – once you’ve started the walk you have to exit on another end. I have noticed that in the most scary places there were attendants lurking in the corners – I am sure, on purpose, because their presence reminded you that this is only make-believe and the tension would ease a little.

After I wandered a little around the movie sets for Parisian court and

French street

I’ve noticed the Terminator 2 3D attraction, but I was late for the show and the next one was starting in about an hour, so I went off to look for something else and stumbled upon Animal Planet Live show. I was just in time to make it and I was very glad I did, because it was great! There were several dogs, orangutans, a trained parrot and even a boa-constrictor (personally my least favorite part of the show as I don’t like snakes much). I could not help thinking that my dog’s training is leaves a lot to desire, especially compared to these dogs. Alas, my little rascal is spoiled rotten and knows very well which buttons to push (so I guess, he’s rather training me than the other way around…). His picture below I think demonstrates it quite well!


To be continued…

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