March 9, 2006

Dec. 1 in the movie history

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Bette Midler

Born Dec.1, 1945 in Hawaii she had become one of the best comic actresses of the last 30 years. She started her career as a singer and she still continues her very successful career on stage.

Her voice brought her a wide recognition as well as the Emmy awards for the songs “Wind beneath my wings” and “The Rose”. Her movie career was mostly geared to comic roles, like the one in “Ruthless People”. In this hilarious flick she plays a role of a rich wife, whose husband decides it’s time to say Good-bye to old Barbara in order to inherit her money and lead an enjoyable life with his mistress. But just as he wants to poison her, she gets kidnapped by a mysterious couple, effectively saving the husband the trouble of killing her. Too bad the couple turned out to be a rather soft-hearted pair of amateurs and instead of following through with their threats they’ve joined forces with the wife to punish the husband. One of the best roles of Bette Midler – ever! It is hilarious to see her shaping up in captivity and cooking up a trap for her husband together with the young couple wronged by him.

There were quite a few absolutely hysterical movies, where Bette Midler was at her very comic best – “Outrageous Fortune”, “Big Business” and “The First Wives Club” are the first ones to come to mind. She is also, however, a very talented dramatic actress. I’ve seen recently the movie “For the Boys”, where she plays the role of a sharp-tongued singer/actress, whose act with a famous showman Eddie created during the WWII has become the road to her enormous success on the scene, but also the reason for a terrible heartache and a broken life. Bette Midler was very moving in that role. And earlier, there was “The Beaches”, a real tear-jerker, which has become one of the milestones in her career. Her recent movie list was rather sparse, but I do hope we’ll see her again soon!

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