My review of Alfred Hitchcock’s Spellbound

A superb thriller, one of the first movies of Alfred Hitchcock I’ve ever seen. I saw it for the first time in a movie theater, which played the old movies only and the suspense was hanging in the air, the audience seemed to have stopped breathing at times. The movie starts with the arrival of the new head of the Green Manors psychiatric clinic, a famous doctor Edwards (Gregory Peck). The doctor is coming to take over from a retiring head of the clinic for 20 years, Dr. Murchison (Leo G. Carroll). The famous Dr. Edwards seems much too young to most psychiatrists in the clinic, but the young female doctor Constance Petersen(Ingrid Bergman) does not find anything wrong with that, she feels an instant sympathy for Dr. Edwards, she is actually drawn to him. However, almost immediately Dr. Edwards starts to exhibit a very strange behavior.

My review of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Stage Fright”

Stage Fright


Directed by Alfred Hitchcock


Marlene Dietrich, Jane Wyman, Michael Wilding, Alistair Sim


A couple in the car is running from the police, the man (Jonathan) starts to explain about the reason: his lover Charlotte, a famous cabaret singer, came to him, told him she’s killed her husband, and she’s begged him to go back to her apartment for another dress instead of a bloodied one she’s wearing. He went there and was spotted by the maid. The police was pursuing him and he decided to turn to his fellow student Eve, who helped him to get away from the city to her father’s cabin.

My review of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Dial M for Murder”

Dial M for Murder


A wonderfully crafted tale of greed leading to murder.


A former tennis star Tony Wendice (Ray Milland) has realized that his career in tennis is coming to an end and his rich wife Margo (Grace Kelly ) met someone else and might leave him, thus ending his comfortable existence. Her lover, a detective stories writer, has gone back to the US, however, and Tony got a reprieve. For a year he mulls the plans to get rid of her, until finally the writer comes back and Tony has to act fast.

My review of Alfred Hitchcock’s “I confess”

I Confess


Directed by Alfred Hitchcock


Starring Montgomery Clift, Ann Baxter

Location – Canada


A stirring music(Dimitry Tiomkin), a body on the floor. Suspence is growing even from the slight tremble of the curtain behind the departed  murderer. A man in the priest cassock leaves the crime scene and walks on the dark street. The local priest, Father Logan, (Montgomery Clift) sees the man entering the church and goes there to check. The man is Keller, a German laborer in the church , and he is confessing to killing a Mr Villet, a lawyer who he wanted to rob to start a new life elsewhere.

On the subject of animated movies

Watched “Madagascar” recently on DVD and could not shake the feeling “been there, done that, boring, boring, boring!” Am I getting older or these movies are getting more and more predictable? :icon_sad: