As Promised, He Is Number Four

I went into I Am Number Four already knowing about the snaffu with the authors of the book that the film is based on. Essentially, one of the authors is infamous for having written a memoir about his sordid past, only to have been revealed as a fake. He apologized on Oprah but then publicly stated that he wished he hadn’t. The man is also running some sort of “writing factory” where he pays his co-authors next to nothing. Anyway, I’m sure you can google this mess and get a greater understanding, should you wish to.

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Unknown and Liam’s Nose

May I take a moment to say this one little thing before I move on to the review?


Ok. Now the review. This latest Liam Neeson caper is fast pased, and just confusing enough to keep you interested but not so much so to make you say “WTF?!”. Essentially, it is more adequate than your average thriller. If you have the time, go see this one, if not, renting the DVD would suffice. Seeing Diane Kruger’s name in the opening credits just made it all the better (yes, call me ignorant; I had no idea she was in this one).

The film starts off with a gratuitous view of Liam Neeson’s nose as he is on a plane with his wife.

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