October 20, 2008

9. Sex Drive – $3.6M

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Boasting an R rating for “for strong crude and sexual content, nudity, language, (and) some drug and alcohol use,” this raunchy comedy promises to follow in the footsteps of films such as AMERICAN PIE and ROAD TRIP. At age 18, Ian (Josh Zuckerman) is desperate to lose his virginity. In fact, he’s so gung-ho that he’s willing to drive from Chicago to Knoxville to meet the woman of his dreams, even though she has no idea what he looks like. Joined by his friends Lance (Clark Duke) and Felicia (Amanda Crew), Ian leaves on a cross-country trip that results in an unexpected conclusion. SEX DRIVE also costars James Marsden (ENCHANTED) and Seth Green (FAMILY GUY).

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