June 2, 2008

3. The Strangers – $20.7M

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Trent and Jade. The perfect couple. Beautiful, passionate…cursed. But, when Trent discovers her dark secret, the marriage ends in a bloody battle to the death…her body (or so it seems) – and his immortal soul. For nearly a year Trent hid himself in remote towns all across the country in a desperate attempt to spare innocent lives from his violent transformations into a werewolf. he naively thought he had succeeded until he arrived in the small mountain community of Pine Fork. For the first time since his demise he struggles out of his self-imposed solitude onto the treacherous limb of humanityÂ… only to find himself falling in love with the young Pearl and the unwitting object of her step-sister Ruby’s lustful schemes. Can he share his love for Pearl and still spare her from the curse? Not if Jade has her way. When Jade and her new lover show up looking for revenge (and fresh meat), the mayhem commences as the full moon ignites across the mountain sky. A tale of deceit, revenge, lust, love…and an ancient curse. Will anyone escape the werewolf’s wrath? Only the innocent survive.

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