10. Daddy Day Camp – $3.4M

IN THEATRES AUGUST 8, 2007<br><br>Fred Savage makes his feature-film directorial debut in this sequel to DADDY DAY CARE. Charlie Hinton (Cuba Gooding,Jr.) and Phil Ryerson (Paul Rae) decide to parlay the success of their “Daddy Day Care” into day camps in order to save Camp Driftwood. Once the crème de la crème of camps, Driftwood has seen better days, while rival Camp Canola has become a hot property featuring paint ball, dirt bikes, and jet skis. Charlie and Phil buy the camp in order to save it, only to find themselves completely out of their element, which becomes painfully obvious on the first day of camp. With foreclosure impending, Charlie swallows his pride and calls in the ultimate reinforcement: his father, Colonel Buck Hinton (Richard Gant). Of course, Buck and his son have completely different child-rearing styles, leading to some tension as the elder Hinton tries to whip Driftwood’s motley campers into shape for the annual Olympiad with Camp Canola.<br><br>DADDY DAY CAMP serves up lessons about the importance of teamwork, honesty, believing in yourself, and following your dreams. And the campers are not the only ones who learn important lessons; both Charlie and Buck learn to be better fathers and to appreciate each other despite their differences. Gooding and Rae step into the roles originated by Eddie Murphy and Jeff Garlin in the first film. Brian Doyle-Murray appears briefly as Uncle Morty, the camp’s owner, and Lochlyn Munro is amusing as Charlie’s childhood nemesis, Lance Warner. But the real stars of this film are the campers, who are subjected to endless nature walks, bus crashes, and commando raids by Canola campers. Spencir Bridges, son of actor Todd Bridges, plays Charlie’s son, Ben.